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Custom Pool tables

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Snooker by Tschirhart's

Antique Burroughes & Watt's & Samuel May Snooker tables are subject to availability.
Please allow 4 months for Restoration.
Delivery and Installation Anywhere
Priced from
Please send an email for a list of available tables and firm pricing.
Serious Inquiry Only Please

English Westbury 6'x12'

Brunswick Anniversary 5'x10' & 6'x12'

Antique Brunswick Oak 6x12

Antique Burroughs & Watts Mahogany 6x12

Antique Samuel May

Custom Snooker tables

Antique American Snooker 5x10' Brunswick Arcade/Arcadian (can be converted)

Check out Snooker Leagues and Tournements in Canada.

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